Social Anxiety Tips For Brides

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July 26, 2023

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Social Anxiety Tips For Brides | Taylor Jordan Photography

Here are my best tips and tricks to survive your wedding day if you struggle with social anxiety!

Social Anxiety Tips For Brides
  1. Keep it small. Avoid inviting guests that trigger your anxiety. Don’t feel obligated!

2. Do a first look with your SO. Doing this privately relieves a ton of stress leading up to the aisle.

3. Take your bridal photos on a different day. Plan to take those photos after your makeup trial.

4. Have a private cake cutting.

5. Take dance lessons. Practice makes perfect!

Social Anxiety Tips For Brides

6. Designate safe spaces to get away from the crowd for moments of solitude and relaxation. This is the most important social anxiety tip for brides in my opinion!

7. Opt for a private last dance instead of a first dance.

8. Incorporate stress relief activities into the schedule such as yoga, stretching or meditating.

9. Tell the DJ or Band to play shortened version of songs for first dances. They can literally play a song for 20 seconds if that’s what you want.

10. Hire a documentary style photographer. They will be less intrusive during the day.

Social Anxiety Tips For Brides

11. Practice mindfulness before the big day. You’ll want to be present and enjoy the moments.

12. Have a sign with your planner so they can rescue you from uncomfortable situations. You wont be the first person to ask for this!

13. Pick a supportive bridal party.

14. Choose vendors that make you comfortable. Chat with them on the phone or meet in person before booking. (I know talking on the phone sucks too but its better to check out their vibe beforehand)

15. Embrace the imperfections! Every wedding day is unique and I encourage you to focus on the meaningful aspects of the day rather than striving for perfection or getting caught up in the minor details.

I hope my social anxiety tips for brides helps!



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Here are some more tips.

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